What is hot desking?

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Hot Desking

Hot desking is a flexible office arrangement in which employees do not have assigned desks or workstations. Instead, they can choose a workspace when they arrive at the office, typically from a pool of available desks, workstations, or workspaces. This arrangement is contrasted with traditional office setups where employees have their own designated desks or cubicles.

In a hot desking environment, employees may use various seating options, such as open workstations, shared desks, sofas, lounge areas, or even dedicated workstations for a specific task or project.

Employees have the flexibility to select a workspace that suits their needs for the day. For example, they might choose a quiet desk for focused tasks or a collaborative area for group discussions.

Hot desking can accommodate changes in team sizes or compositions more easily, as desk space can be allocated based on current needs. It can also cater to employees who may not come into the office every day, making it easier to accommodate hybrid or remote work arrangements.


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