Hire or Rent a Meeting Space?

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Unsure whether to hire or rent a meeting space for you and your business?

Hiring a meeting space gives you the flexibility to choose where you want to meet for your business. A location that suits yourself and is convenient for your team.

As well as the flexibility to choose a suitable location, you have the ability to choose a meeting space that is adaptable in amenities and size for the purpose of the meeting. Whether it’s a large meeting space for a shareholder meeting, or a small meeting space for interviews.
If you are looking for specialised facilities, you can choose a specific venue that can support those needs.
Hiring a meeting space, removes the long-term financial commitment of a lease that renting requires. No long term tie-ins either.
You may however wish to consider that whilst hiring a meeting space provides flexibility, it can also be more expensive compared to renting a dedicated space on a long-term basis.

The set up costs of renting, in terms of equipment and furnishings need to be factored in. These can be a significant upfront cost.
When renting a dedicated space, you have the responsibility and the expense of maintaining the building and the upkeep on repairs and cleaning. Having a fixed location, will require your team to travel in, and for some, this may not be as convenient.

Overall, hiring meeting spaces rather than renting can be advantageous when you need to accommodate varying meeting needs and locations.

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